Thursday, May 23, 2013

3 Months out!

Joe had his first baptism on Saturday!  So exciting:)  (He has acquired quite the accent already too:) This is the email he sent out, it's a really cool story.

Hey everyone! This is Anthony. :) He is my first baptism out in the feild. He is an amazing young man. The way that he got into the church was he was dating a young woman who was L.D.S.. She wanted Anthony to come and see what our church taught and believed. He really enjoyed it and fealt very happy learning about the gospel and what our church offers. Anthonys girlfriend wanted to stop going to church and participate in worldly things. He didnt want that in his life anymore and broke off their relationship. He moved from his home to Raleigh. He got on our website ( y'all should go check out my profile. :)) and found the telephone number to our church building. Anthony called our church building on asaturday morning. Luckily it was our wards turn to clean the church and one of our ward members was there to answer the phone. Brother Rounds got Anthonys information and gave us a call. We called Anthony as soon as we could but he didnt answer. We left him a message and went on our way. Later on that day we got a call back from Anthony and set up a time to meet with him. We looked at where his address was on our G.P.S. and found that we were in his neighborhood. We rode our bikes to his house and had time to have a lesson with Anthony. We taught him about the plan of salvation and commited him to stop his drinking habbit. He told us that he would stop his drinking habbit that day, read the book of morman, and be baptized! It was a miracle! He prayed to heavenly father to help him over come his trials and heavenly father answered his prayers. He hasnt drank since that day that we met him three weeks ago and is now baptized and a member of our church. He is an amazing example of how we should put our faith in our father in heaven and just know that he will answer our prayers. I love the Gospel and I know that our church has the full Gospel and the only way back to our father in heaven. I love y'all! :)
Love Elder Sohler

Congrats Anthony!