Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Opening the call...

After we made the poor guy wait 24 hours we trekked over to the ward building to open it with everyone there.  There was even a nice blizzard that decided to show up too and even though we live only 3 blocks from the church it took us about 20 minutes to get there between pushing cars around and trying not to get stuck ourselves!  Good thing mama Sohler drives a expedition!  I hasn't been stuck ever to my knowledge.  We got there, soaking wet and terribly excited!  When was everyone going to get here so we could open this thing??

Snow storm? It's gonna take you how long to get here??

Oops!  Why look a little tear....

We finally got all of our friends and family there, that could get there safely that is, the storm sure put a damper on things...

We had everyone put their guess up on the map.


And finally we let him open his call...


Raleigh, North Carolina!!

We love our Elder!

Dear Elder Sohler, you are hereby called to serve in the...

Raleigh, North Carolina Mission!!!!!!!!!!!!  

*Don't forget your bug spray and be ready for some wonderful humidity!

He is going to be speaking English, and he'll be out there for 24 months!!  We are so excited for him!!  
**Sorry this post is super late! Blogger had a baby and needed a couple more pics! :)  We should be back on track here in a few days..

Friday, February 15, 2013

I'll go inside someday...

What a new meaning these words bring!  It's absolutely inspiring and wonderful that my amazing little bro is going through the temple:)  I'm totally ecstatic about it!  He is going to be a wonderful Missionary.  He chose to go to the Bountiful Temple on February 14, 2013.


Joe's escort was Brother Nelson.  He was the Young Men's president for a long time while Joe was in Young Mens.  Bro. Nelson is just amazing!  So glad he came to share this special day with Joe!

Also my Mom and Gma were there!  

Joe is going to be an awesome missionary! 
I'm gonna miss him.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Livin' the final days as a PRE-missionary.

Joe got his call January 9 and they only gave him 7 weeks before his report date!!  
So he has spent his time with his friends and family,

playing ping pong,

 practicing up for the zombie Apocalypse with the help of Call of Duty,

 and working at Big 5 Sporting Goods.  His last day is Valentines Day!

For family home evening the other night we all said 3 things that we love about Joe or things that will we definitely miss...  

1.  Joe is the awesomest guy ever.  
2.  I dunno he's just really cool.  
3.  He's glad Joe is in our family.

1.  He's really cool. 
2. He lets me play his Xbox.  
3.  He ties my ties on Sunday.

1.  He's going to miss playing ping pong with him.  
2.  He loved that he always took him fun places, like to skate parks.  
3.  He will just miss him being around!

1.  He is her number 2 choice for a ride. 
2.  He's my best friend.  
3.  He is a good example of brotherly love.

1.  He likes that he cut his Afro so Jake could have it in 10th grade.  
2.  Glad he talked him into doing swimming.  
3.  He was going to miss him being the big brother.  Now he is going to have to be the big brother!

1.  He is always happy!  
2.  He is one of my dearest friends... I'm going to miss him way so much.
3.  He is always very stylish, in a manly sorta way;)

1.  She will miss having someone notice all the little things people need and help them get it.  
2.  Love having someone to help drive people places.  
3.  Loves that he is willing to share his testimony and teach the gospel.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Big White Envelope

Joe got his mission call on January 9, 2013!!!!  Mom watched the mailman slowly make his way down the street and finally put that big white envelope in our mailbox!!

To: Elder Joseph Richard Sohler

Yep, a mission call will get a man out of bed! :)

The only bad news...  You have to wait 24 hours to open it!  We told everyone that he got it and wanted them to be there so we planned a little get together at our ward building for the next night.