Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Livin' the final days as a PRE-missionary.

Joe got his call January 9 and they only gave him 7 weeks before his report date!!  
So he has spent his time with his friends and family,

playing ping pong,

 practicing up for the zombie Apocalypse with the help of Call of Duty,

 and working at Big 5 Sporting Goods.  His last day is Valentines Day!

For family home evening the other night we all said 3 things that we love about Joe or things that will we definitely miss...  

1.  Joe is the awesomest guy ever.  
2.  I dunno he's just really cool.  
3.  He's glad Joe is in our family.

1.  He's really cool. 
2. He lets me play his Xbox.  
3.  He ties my ties on Sunday.

1.  He's going to miss playing ping pong with him.  
2.  He loved that he always took him fun places, like to skate parks.  
3.  He will just miss him being around!

1.  He is her number 2 choice for a ride. 
2.  He's my best friend.  
3.  He is a good example of brotherly love.

1.  He likes that he cut his Afro so Jake could have it in 10th grade.  
2.  Glad he talked him into doing swimming.  
3.  He was going to miss him being the big brother.  Now he is going to have to be the big brother!

1.  He is always happy!  
2.  He is one of my dearest friends... I'm going to miss him way so much.
3.  He is always very stylish, in a manly sorta way;)

1.  She will miss having someone notice all the little things people need and help them get it.  
2.  Love having someone to help drive people places.  
3.  Loves that he is willing to share his testimony and teach the gospel.

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