Saturday, August 10, 2013

 Change of the Guard:

Joseph got a new companion named Elder Bravo from Oregon.  I got a letter from his Mission President that says:  "Elder Sohler has been called to be a New Missionary Trainer.  He will be training his new companion, Elder Bravo, from Oregon."   Elder Moore went home the first part of July.   Joe learned so much from him.

Here's a picture of them all together:  Elder Moore, Elder Sohler, Elder Bravo

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Here is an update from my 'contact' in North Carolina, Sister Evans.  She says:

Hi Sydney,

    We just love Elder Sohler!   We got to have him and Elder Bravo for dinner on Sunday and it was so nice to spend some time with them.  Everyone in the ward just loves Elder Sohler so much.   I took a couple of pictures of them eating a real Southern food -- grits!   And, we snapped a picture of them leaving in their missionary car, so I just wanted you to get an update on how your son is doing.   We sure do love having him here in Raleigh. 

   I hope you and your family are all doing well.

      ..... Susan

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Quotes from Elder Sohler:

--It is important that we have a strong relationship with God and his Son. If we have faith in Jesus Christ then we will desire to be like him. If we desire to be like him we will be blessed with the amazing power of the atonement. That's why it is so important who we really put our faith in.

--Time is going by so fast mom. Its so crazy! We do meet a lot of awesome people each day! Plus so so many different kinds of cultures. Like people here speak french, spanish, ubonix, arabaic, ( i think thats how you spell it... ha) and lots of others. Its so fun to meet so many different kinds of people.

--I miss everyone and the ward! I pray for all of y'all every night. I miss our ward.
Tell everyone hello for me when you see them and that i love them dearly.

 --My smile gets bigger everyday. There is just no way you can be sad when you know that you have the gospel of Jesus Christ. :) I just dont think i could ever be sad anymore. It cant be possible for me. ha I love the church and i know that it is true! It is the only true church!  I love it with all of my heart. :) I love y'all so very much! Keep on reading the book of morman. I love you! 

**You can e-mail Elder Sohler anytime at !!!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

3 Months out!

Joe had his first baptism on Saturday!  So exciting:)  (He has acquired quite the accent already too:) This is the email he sent out, it's a really cool story.

Hey everyone! This is Anthony. :) He is my first baptism out in the feild. He is an amazing young man. The way that he got into the church was he was dating a young woman who was L.D.S.. She wanted Anthony to come and see what our church taught and believed. He really enjoyed it and fealt very happy learning about the gospel and what our church offers. Anthonys girlfriend wanted to stop going to church and participate in worldly things. He didnt want that in his life anymore and broke off their relationship. He moved from his home to Raleigh. He got on our website ( y'all should go check out my profile. :)) and found the telephone number to our church building. Anthony called our church building on asaturday morning. Luckily it was our wards turn to clean the church and one of our ward members was there to answer the phone. Brother Rounds got Anthonys information and gave us a call. We called Anthony as soon as we could but he didnt answer. We left him a message and went on our way. Later on that day we got a call back from Anthony and set up a time to meet with him. We looked at where his address was on our G.P.S. and found that we were in his neighborhood. We rode our bikes to his house and had time to have a lesson with Anthony. We taught him about the plan of salvation and commited him to stop his drinking habbit. He told us that he would stop his drinking habbit that day, read the book of morman, and be baptized! It was a miracle! He prayed to heavenly father to help him over come his trials and heavenly father answered his prayers. He hasnt drank since that day that we met him three weeks ago and is now baptized and a member of our church. He is an amazing example of how we should put our faith in our father in heaven and just know that he will answer our prayers. I love the Gospel and I know that our church has the full Gospel and the only way back to our father in heaven. I love y'all! :)
Love Elder Sohler

Congrats Anthony!

Friday, March 29, 2013

So,  a wonderful sister in North Carolina, Sister Evans, sent me an e-mail on the day when Joe arrived in North Carolina!

"I'm a member of the church here in Raleigh, NC and I attended the transfer meeting today.  I met your son and I asked him for your e-mail address so I could let you know that he is here safe and sound (and smiling), and he has actually been assigned to my ward!  He is now serving with Elder Moore in the Raleigh 4th ward.  We are so happy to have him here and look forward to getting to know him on Sunday when he is coming to have lunch with our family after Stake Conference.   I'll get a photo of him on Sunday with his new companion and e-mail it to you."

She sent me these pictures with his companion, Elder Moore.


I am thankful for wonderful people who help the missionaries throughout the nation and throughout the world.  It is comforting to know that there are people watching out for my missionary!
Thank you Sister Evans!!! 

A familiar face in the MTC!

Elder Sohler and Elder Wayment

Monday, March 11, 2013


Please take note!!!  Joe is finally of to North Carolina! So send your letters here:

Elder Joseph R. Sohler
North Carolina Raleigh Mission
6508 Falls of Neuse Ste 100
Raleigh, NC  27615-6845

He'd love some letters!:)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Uncle Joe!

Elder Joe became an uncle to a super cute little nephew named David 9 days before he left out to the MTC!!!!  Congrats Uncle Elder Joe!!!  Sadly he didn't get to meet David before he left and he'll be a walking and talking man by the time he gets back.  But David has already sent some letters off to his Uncle, he can't wait to meet him!

Saturday, March 2, 2013



Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Opening the call...

After we made the poor guy wait 24 hours we trekked over to the ward building to open it with everyone there.  There was even a nice blizzard that decided to show up too and even though we live only 3 blocks from the church it took us about 20 minutes to get there between pushing cars around and trying not to get stuck ourselves!  Good thing mama Sohler drives a expedition!  I hasn't been stuck ever to my knowledge.  We got there, soaking wet and terribly excited!  When was everyone going to get here so we could open this thing??

Snow storm? It's gonna take you how long to get here??

Oops!  Why look a little tear....

We finally got all of our friends and family there, that could get there safely that is, the storm sure put a damper on things...

We had everyone put their guess up on the map.


And finally we let him open his call...


Raleigh, North Carolina!!

We love our Elder!

Dear Elder Sohler, you are hereby called to serve in the...

Raleigh, North Carolina Mission!!!!!!!!!!!!  

*Don't forget your bug spray and be ready for some wonderful humidity!

He is going to be speaking English, and he'll be out there for 24 months!!  We are so excited for him!!  
**Sorry this post is super late! Blogger had a baby and needed a couple more pics! :)  We should be back on track here in a few days..

Friday, February 15, 2013

I'll go inside someday...

What a new meaning these words bring!  It's absolutely inspiring and wonderful that my amazing little bro is going through the temple:)  I'm totally ecstatic about it!  He is going to be a wonderful Missionary.  He chose to go to the Bountiful Temple on February 14, 2013.


Joe's escort was Brother Nelson.  He was the Young Men's president for a long time while Joe was in Young Mens.  Bro. Nelson is just amazing!  So glad he came to share this special day with Joe!

Also my Mom and Gma were there!  

Joe is going to be an awesome missionary! 
I'm gonna miss him.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Livin' the final days as a PRE-missionary.

Joe got his call January 9 and they only gave him 7 weeks before his report date!!  
So he has spent his time with his friends and family,

playing ping pong,

 practicing up for the zombie Apocalypse with the help of Call of Duty,

 and working at Big 5 Sporting Goods.  His last day is Valentines Day!

For family home evening the other night we all said 3 things that we love about Joe or things that will we definitely miss...  

1.  Joe is the awesomest guy ever.  
2.  I dunno he's just really cool.  
3.  He's glad Joe is in our family.

1.  He's really cool. 
2. He lets me play his Xbox.  
3.  He ties my ties on Sunday.

1.  He's going to miss playing ping pong with him.  
2.  He loved that he always took him fun places, like to skate parks.  
3.  He will just miss him being around!

1.  He is her number 2 choice for a ride. 
2.  He's my best friend.  
3.  He is a good example of brotherly love.

1.  He likes that he cut his Afro so Jake could have it in 10th grade.  
2.  Glad he talked him into doing swimming.  
3.  He was going to miss him being the big brother.  Now he is going to have to be the big brother!

1.  He is always happy!  
2.  He is one of my dearest friends... I'm going to miss him way so much.
3.  He is always very stylish, in a manly sorta way;)

1.  She will miss having someone notice all the little things people need and help them get it.  
2.  Love having someone to help drive people places.  
3.  Loves that he is willing to share his testimony and teach the gospel.