Saturday, August 10, 2013

 Change of the Guard:

Joseph got a new companion named Elder Bravo from Oregon.  I got a letter from his Mission President that says:  "Elder Sohler has been called to be a New Missionary Trainer.  He will be training his new companion, Elder Bravo, from Oregon."   Elder Moore went home the first part of July.   Joe learned so much from him.

Here's a picture of them all together:  Elder Moore, Elder Sohler, Elder Bravo

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Here is an update from my 'contact' in North Carolina, Sister Evans.  She says:

Hi Sydney,

    We just love Elder Sohler!   We got to have him and Elder Bravo for dinner on Sunday and it was so nice to spend some time with them.  Everyone in the ward just loves Elder Sohler so much.   I took a couple of pictures of them eating a real Southern food -- grits!   And, we snapped a picture of them leaving in their missionary car, so I just wanted you to get an update on how your son is doing.   We sure do love having him here in Raleigh. 

   I hope you and your family are all doing well.

      ..... Susan

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Quotes from Elder Sohler:

--It is important that we have a strong relationship with God and his Son. If we have faith in Jesus Christ then we will desire to be like him. If we desire to be like him we will be blessed with the amazing power of the atonement. That's why it is so important who we really put our faith in.

--Time is going by so fast mom. Its so crazy! We do meet a lot of awesome people each day! Plus so so many different kinds of cultures. Like people here speak french, spanish, ubonix, arabaic, ( i think thats how you spell it... ha) and lots of others. Its so fun to meet so many different kinds of people.

--I miss everyone and the ward! I pray for all of y'all every night. I miss our ward.
Tell everyone hello for me when you see them and that i love them dearly.

 --My smile gets bigger everyday. There is just no way you can be sad when you know that you have the gospel of Jesus Christ. :) I just dont think i could ever be sad anymore. It cant be possible for me. ha I love the church and i know that it is true! It is the only true church!  I love it with all of my heart. :) I love y'all so very much! Keep on reading the book of morman. I love you! 

**You can e-mail Elder Sohler anytime at !!!


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